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April 27th, 2009-A night I will never forget-HOLY GHOST POWER [Apr. 27th, 2009|11:06 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]

I'm still in awe and I am not even sure how I can even right this. But I gotta tho, to keep record of what the WONDERFUL Lord has done in my life. So tonight was District meeting, and Pastor preached on the oh so good Job. and how we should never give up on God, and even when the devil torments our mind, we gotta trust in God. So he called an altar call, and he called for the people who wanted to get prayer, if the devil has been tormenting your mind, come up to get prayer if you need something from the Lord. At first I wasn't going to go up there, and I was going back and forth. But I am sick of the devil messing with my mind, telling me I'm never going to be something, shaking my confindance of being used by the Lord. So I go up there, just expecting to get a touch and be on my way. But oh no..Missy Jones comes up to me, and prays for me, and thus wear me out! She started to speak to my spirit, everything that I have been wrestling with. She told me she is SICK of me fighting the same ole thing. Its time to seperate myself, get to people thats going to speak life to me, I got to go higher, I have a work to do, and God is ready for me to step in that role. She then proceded to tell me, that I need to comune with God, and like fire the Holy Ghost came. And I just was overwhelmed with his presence. I was telling I am sorry, fill me LORD, yes to his will. So just when I thought the Lord was done, I got up, then Missy. Picola Davis, came and gave me a hug, and spoke to the low self esteem in my life. And at times, I like to think, that I don't grapple with that, like I think I am secure with myself, but then comes that little voice, that I just have to put myself down, and just makes me depressed. But I just got to remember that I am fearfully and Wonderfully made, and God did not make any mistake when he made me. She made me cry all over again. LOL. So them Missy. Jones comes over again, and she is just like I am sorry Jamia, but you gotta understand, you gotta get it, God has great plans for you, you gotta step out, gotta get away from people, and stop worrying about what people say, and if I gotta be alone, thats okay. I gotta get to the place where it doesn't matter, do I want to please God or people. She kept quoting the State Woman's theme(more on that later) that I have the Resurrection Power. The Power to pray, the Power to lay hands. She was like I wanna see you, all ya'll go forth. She was like aren't ya'll sick of seeing us. She was like I want you to move out from the corner, sit under the missionaries, learn and gleam from them, I need some one to be accountable to. She then marched me over to Missy. Brown, and she was asked her can I sit with the missionaries, come out that corner. And Missy. Brown was like yeahh..I know it time. So I am just I can't no longer run, I just can't. I got some many desires, to be a mighty woman of God. So if it takes me being alone, just me and him, steppin out to be who he called me to be. I gotta do it. Missy. Jones said she is praying for me, and to pray for her as well. I think it just so good to have someone in my corner. Now, I am just like what exactly do I have to do, like do I have to do an automatic cut, Missy. Jones was like people may said I am too good for them. But to just brush it off, and know its not that but God calling me to a higher level. Like the desire in me is so great to do God's will. But am I following that desire? Why am I letting people and the devil stop me? So today is a brand new day. Time to cut the foolishness. Its time to go higher. Take heed to the word of the Lord. Oh Lord I love you so much! Okay much more to type about the State Woman's convention..I will tomorrow!
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HOLY GHOST TAKEOVER!! [Jan. 27th, 2009|12:22 pm]
[Current Location |At home]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |Watching the Celerbration of Gospel]

Well let me start out by saying, that my 2009 has not started out like I expected. Lets start at the beginging. So Watch night service, was good! After midnight, all the young adults stayed and we just continued to praise him. I mean all of us, JR was so in the spirit, he started to singing this beautiful song, about being in God's Glory. Oh man it was sooo beautiful and heavenly! Like we all knew, that we were def going to a higher level this year, of 2009. So the next day, all the girls get together to play the sleepover we wanted to throw for the young teen girls. We were going to share out testimones and issues that we dealt with when we were yonger. Now this intial vision came to Kristen and Tasha, and they came to the rest of us. So we all shared our testimones with each other, and we were all ready to have the sleepover that friday night. At this meeting, it was shared that Daveion would be proposing to his girlfriend, Danae. And I shared my opnion, that I wish they would wait, and they are too young. And that I didn't see her supporting him in minstry/calling that he as on his wife. As she was always going back and forth, on wheater she was saved, and seemed like she would only get saved for Daveion. Okay so after the meeting, me, dionne, and tasha, went over to Auntie Tanya's house for dinner. We were having a good time, we talked about JR's relationships with girls, and such. Then Dre and Marcus, come over, to bring Deshawn over. And they were at the proposal, and Marcus procedeed to mock Daveion and we all were laughing. I then said again, tht I thought he was young, and I wish he would wait. I believe Dionne said some of the same thing, and thats was it. On Friday, was the delayed TV's christmas party, where they annouced the engagement, and at the table I even told them, I wish they would have a long engagement. So then Sunday night, I get a strange text from Mamay nay, saying I wish we could love more, and quit the backbiting. I was like WTH..Me, JR, and Fred got it. I called Dionne, and she was like Daveion is mad, that we talked about him. I was like what are you talking about. We thought Fred went and told him what we said, but Fred was like no, I didnt, as he got the text too. So I go on the rest of my week, like whatever. So then, thrusday night I get a text from Kristen, that at her decision, the slumber party, is going to be a regular party, and we won't be sharing our tesimonies. Me, Dionne, and Tasha were hot! We didn't know what was going on. Dionne said that thursday night at church, Kristen was talking to Mama Nay, and was crying, then talking to Missy. Brown. So I am thinking, Mama Nay got to Kristen, cause earlier Mama Nay thought we were going to gang up TT, cause she was one of the main problems witht he teen girls. But I thought we clear that up, so i am like what is making Kristen cancel it. So I called her fussing her out, and all she would say, is that she couldn't tell me, its her decision, and we can talk about it later. She was like there is just alot of confusion. that I can't talk about. So then I tell her, I am going to talk to Missy. Brown, to ask her if what we are doing is wrong, and I thought to hopefully tell Kristen, to not cancel it. But then I get a message from Kristen, that we are going to have a meeting with Missy brown, but it was just going to be me, dionne, kristen, and tasha. Not Amber, not Tyea. So me and Dionne couldn't figure it out, that if its about a slumber party, why isn't everyone going to go. So we get there, and Missy Brown, was like JR, and Fred are coming too, By this time, we were all confused. So they come too, and then Missy. Brown, opens up the dictonoary and gives us the defination of Gosssiping! And went on to say that we were wrong about talking Daveion, and then she brings up Aaron, and how hurt he was about us talking about his white girlfriend. So we all were taken aback, like Pastor and Missy. couldn't even ask us our side, we were gulity, we were the cause of all the discord in the church. Missy Brown, said that she wanted to be healed, and if we are all together in the church, thats why she isn't, she told me I shouldn't be saying my opinions, as I am not an expert, since I never been married. So we wanted to call a meeting with daveion, to talk it out. Then Missy. Brown goes on to say, that me and JR are the ring leaders of the clique, we want to control everything. She then brings up the marriage issues of the marriage peeps going off by themselves. She brings up the Nyesha thing. So we were like where is this coming from. These are all old issues. So we conclude that Kriten been talkign to Missy Brown, and it was like she was bringing up all these charges against us, to make us look worse and worse. We then we had to meet Sunday night. Also that Friday night, I find out my aunt Tina has died, and that my grandmother in unconscience, and she is on her way to die. So I am just like oh man, my dad is going out his mind right now. So I had to deal with all that. My grandmother died Saturday, and I was done. I cried, and I was like God, why all this now. It seemed like my spiritual leaders turned against me, I gotta deal with my family issues, my finanical situtaion, of my hours at work getting cut, and not making enough money. So I was just done, spirtually I was just depleted. The sunday meeting, didn't really solve anything. Davieon was already over it, and we all concluded it was petty, and we have to resolve not to gossip anymore. But we all were like, how can we get over it so quickly. We felt like Kristen compeletly sold us out. Our spitual leaders, were disappointed in us. Like we really didm't want to go to TV anymore. I was just done. Everything I have ever known has just vanished from me. So my mom leaves to go to North Carlonia to be with my dad and help with furnerls. So I am home alone, and feeling so lost, angry, distraught, confused. So where do I turn, back to old habits. Of course! I picked up those old habits, that I always battled with, and thought I was completly delivered and done with. And I spirled quick. This time I went deeper, than I ever did before. Luckly, I just did it for like two days, and even that didn't help. I was more depressed than ever, and it wasn't even fun. I felt so dirty, So I threw that stuff out, and knew I had to get back somehow. Get back to what I knew to be true. Pastor preached an awesome message, entitled "Its not going to work!" and the church was jumping. But I just didn't feel right, like I just felt so guilty. After church Auntie Tanya had us over for dinner, and she was like you guys can't let this stop you. Pastor and Missy. Brown are human too. Take this as a lesson and move on. You can't let anyone or anythign run you out the church. She was like people always talk about me, how rude I am, but no one ever sees the good that I have done. and it doesn't matter, as I am servign God and God only. And thats what we gotta remember. So then I decided, thatI had to pray it off of me. So RIOT night, I laid it on the alter, and I complety gave it to the Lord, to forgive me, and to take the hurt and pain away. I knew I had to talk to Kristen, to settle our differences, to let go of the whole sitituation. So this past Sunday, we had church!! We had a guest Pastor, Pastor Tau, who is married to Lisa Ross-Johnson, sister Pat. This dude is a Islander man that can preach! But lets back up, Pastor during Tithes was sooo in the spirit, I seen him shout like never before! The whole chruch went into worship. So Pastor Tau preached that We are True Vine, we are blessed, and favored! Then he spoke into Aunite Tanya's life like never before! the same things she said to us, the Sunday before. So then 4:00 we have our Puget Sound District Meeting. We moved them to 4th Sundays now, instead of Monday nights, to have a bigger turnout. The church was packed! I could barely belive it. Before District meeting, me and Kristen were able to talk. And she told me, that she didn't brign all that stuff to Missy. Brown, that was brought up on her own. We jsut agreed to disagree about the slumber party issue, and how I felt that she was juding us, on what we thought we did. I said all you had to do was tell us what was goign on. I was like you blindsided us, completly. But we talked and we are coo again. So at District meeting, I felt completly able to praise him. SO we have an awesome praise service! The whole chruch seemed to be praising him. I was able to too! It felt so great! Man Puget Sound gotta be the best distrct ever! So then yesterday night, Monday, is the state pre-musical to the State Leadership Confernce. And whewww..I am still high!!! Groups sang, and they were good. We had a good inspirational speaker, who talked on the power of prayer! and we need to pray to make it. And to really pray, and spend time with him. That word was for me! So right before the district choir got up to sing, we prayed, and Shelly let us know, not to go out there just to sing, but to really minister, and let it minister to us first. So we sang more than anything, and Ronelle lead it, and he started to preach it, he preached about being broken, so we could grown right again! like whew..so it seemed like the whole church was worshiping with that song. So they wanted us to sing another song, so we sang hes able! And right then the Lord told me, I am going to pour out my spirit! and He did just that. The whole church was on fire! I got back to my seat, and just stated to dance before the Lord!! The church couldn't quiet down! We couldn't move on at all. We had an altar call, and people were saved. Missy Jones was there, and you know she is going to bring it whever she goes. Shelly was preachin!! I had to calm myself down a few times. But it was just crazy, stupid church last night! Then at the very end, Missy Jones, talked about receiving the holy spirit, and it was like just at the moment, My sprit, broke! And I just went in!! Like literally, I felt my spirt broke, and just went worshping, speaking in tounges. Thank God I was able to calm down, cause Dre had to get to work to work graveyard, and all teh peopel with cars, that he needed to use was still at church. So I was able to get home, and let them borrow my car, as their car is broke down right now. So like when I got home, I couldn't even come out the spirit, I couldn't watch TV, all I could do, put my bed clothes on, eat a little snack, and just instanly start to pray. To continue to be in his presence. And while praying, I asked God..why..why do you allow me to fill your precence, time after time I fell, and he simply told me, because YOU ARE WORTH IT! I mean I heard that clear as day, and just like I am worth it, He is worth it! Living saved, praising the Lord, Living this life is worth it!! I belive he gave me a message, and I was able to write it down in my note pad. But I love the Lord, and I will never be the same! Its time to cut out the playing, and get real!! Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry attempt at writing a poem... [Dec. 22nd, 2008|01:52 am]
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[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]
[Current Music |The Cosby Show in the background]

Background Info: So its 1am in the Monday Morning, I been home for like 4 days, due to all the snow, and I can't sleep, cause I took a nap. This is a free write poem of whatever is coming to my mind:

Hmmm..early in the morning, watching The Cosby Show reruns while browsing on myspace and facebook. So bored, wish we could of have church today, can't wait until the commericalism of Christmas is over, its amazing how the country is getting deeper and deeper in debt, and people still are consumed with buying stupid gifts, that people don't even need, me and mom didn't even put up a tree, we decided to adopt an child in foster care, and shower him with gifts, which in my mind, is so much better, do I sound like a grinch..maybe I am, but I just hate how the world, with its politicaly correct self, has transformed Christmas, away from Christ's birth, but really, Christ wasn't even more this time of year, so are we really celerbrating his birth? What are we celerbrating..consumerism, buy, spend, buy, spend, buy, spend. Over and over again, when will this cycle ever end? I made up in my mind, if I ever have a husband and kids, we are celerbrating Kwanzaa..lol. aww the topic of marriage..now since I am 25...its the forefront of my mind, I can't shake it, starting to realize that maybe I will be alone for the rest of my life. No one understands..they are like aww..don't worry..but I am..25, 25, 25, and no where close to having an intimate relationship with anyone, will I be contempt with being alone, will I be okay? Yes, no, yes, no, yes, Noooooooo, I want to be loved, I want the house with the white picket fence, I want the 2.5 kids, I want the American Dream, well my version of it anyway, I'm 2 quarters away from earning my MSW, a great accomplishment, but in the back in my mind, it still echos, you are alone, always will be alone, no one loves you, hopeless, every night, the voices get louder, and louder,..worthless, ugly, you will die alone, unloved...but people say Jamia you got family, friends, yes I do..but when all those people turn to their husbands, wives, boyfriends, or girlfriends..who do I turn to..alone, unloved, misarable, loser, worthless. But then I see the light, Jesus is in my life, Jesus, the one stable man in my life, so I try my harderst to remember, that with him, I will never be alone,..but the voices grow louder and louder each night, I'm falling, falling into a deeper depression, wondering about my future, wondering, if someone will love me, can I love someone, someone to share my inner most feelings with, my deepest secrets, all I can do is pray, pray that the Lord will direct my path and give me the desires of my heart, I know he is able, and I just gotta have faith..faith, faith, awww what a beautiful thing, but easier said then done, gotta have faith, all I need is the size of a mustard seed, faith, faith, faith. Thats all I have to hold on to, Please Lord, quiet the voices, I want to sleep tonight, faith, faith, faith.

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Throw Back entry-The Clark Sisters Live Recording, July 2006 [Dec. 22nd, 2008|01:19 am]
THe Following is an blog post I posted on myspae, but not here.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I can't belive its over!!
Current mood: On cloud nine!

Whoooo..time went by so fast. I still can't belive I was able to attend the Wonderful Clark sister live recording. Well first, the few days I was able to go to AIM was cool. Bishop Patterson, PREACHED on friday. And the national choir was off the hook. I just got a note from one of my online friends, that they saw me on the web cast. Like I knew I was on the screen at the center, but I didn't know I would be on the webcast. I can't wait to see if the service will be put on the website, so that I can see it for myself. Bishop preached on the message entitled "The Dust is settling" No matter what is going wrong in our life, the dust is going to settle, if we have faith in JESUS! After church, the musical called " A song is born" took place. This is when national gospel artists, as well as cogic songwriters take the stage. It was pretty cool. The national artists there was Judy McAllister, Tamala Mann, Lamar Campell, James Fortune and Fiya, Lucinda Moore, and Nikki Ross and this other lady, I knew her song, cause it plays on the radio, but I don't know her name. The cogic songwriters teaches the their song to the national choir, and they sing it at the musical. Most of the songs were pretty good. The only thing that was sad, was that not all the songs got to be showcased, including the one that was written by a dude from Seattle. I don't know him personally, but I have seen in alot at the local functions, and was looking foward to hearing his song. But the musical ran so long, until 2am, and they had to dismiss. They had a lot of local groups that was there, that didn't need to sing. My mom was buggin me a little bit, cause she wanted to leave and go back to the hotel, but I like to stay to the end of all services. Anyways it was a fun night.

Now on to the recording! Okay so I knew people were sayign they were going to be out like a 2pm, so I told my mom we needed to be there like at 3pm. So we finally get there like 3:30, and the line is like a quarter of the way down the sidewalk. It was like 85 plus humidty, so we all were suffering in the heat, standing in line. I wasn't too worried, as I brought VIP seats. But as people started to come, people would line up on the sides, cut to be with their friends, and such, so people were getting frustrated and rude. People were inside the bulding in the other parts, waiting, and officals were telling them they had to leave, and join the people outside. But the refused, so they almost called the cops. My mom and I saw Shelly walking, and we told her to join us in line, since everyone else was doing it. So the doors finally open, and it was a mad rush. It was crazy, if someone would of fell, they would of been trampled. I tell ya, Us Clarks fans don't play. So finally we get inside, and me and my mom find seats. The place divided, the first section was for the platium VIPs, the middle sections was for VIPs and the way back was for general admission. And when I say divided, like they had barriers between each section, and they gave everyone a color coded braclet. So Kierra "kiki" Sheard started off the concert, but her tracks and music kept messing up. You could really tell Kiki was frustrated. After Kiki finished speaking, Her record company reps came out and presented her with her Gold record, as her single has gone gone in internationally. Everyone in the room was excited for Kiki. I mean a gold record for anyone in Gospel is awesome! So then..the master producer, Donald Lawernce came out to greet the crowd. I never been to a live recording before, so Donald explaned to us, that they made have to redo a song, or start over to get the song perfect. We also had to do applause tracks, so he had us clap and screm over and over again. Then finally THE CLARKS SISTERS CAME OUT ONTO THE STAGE! And as Ivan would say, they looked "flawless" Their hair was done perfect, their outfits was stunning. Like when the came out, I was in awe. I couldnt' believe that I was blessed enough to see all my girls together on stage. And they came out singing this song..and it had the classic "clark" sound. The melodies was so rich and in harmony. Then Donald Lawerence introduced the next song, and he was like a true fan will know this song. The songs that were not made popular. And they break out with the song "World" I would never expect for them to remake that song, but it was def a off the hook remix. Then then went into a song that Karen wrote herself, called blessed and highly favored. I hate my memory sometimes, especially when it comes to songs, cause I can't remember the tune. Then they went into a song that Twinkie wrote called "An Instrument of Praise" This song was so beautiful, the the whole place just went into worship. And they shared the lead with one of the backup singers..Blache McAlilister, she sings with the Tri-City Singer, and has this rich deep voice. After they were done with that song, Dorinda went into preach mode, and made the place shout some more. I am forgetting some songs, but these are the ones that are sticking out right now. Then they did a song that Dorinda wrote, that was really upbeat. That closed the first half. Donald told us that the second half was going to be oldies but goodies. I loved this half, as it showcased each sister on a lead songs that they lead back in the day. Their first started with Jackie, and her voice has gotten alot better and stronger. Jackie was tearing it up! She sang "I got an Angel" Her singature song. All the oldies, included..Is my living in vain, Mircle, Name it Claim it, My Redeeer Livith, Jesus is a Love Song, and my memory is drawing a blank for the rest of the songs. Donald had the audience yell Twinkie get on the Organ..and we pushed her..and she finally did. And she TORE IT UP! There was even a point where Twinkie was crying, at all the support the crowd was giving her. People kept yelling her name all night, each time she lead a song. Of course the closed with Jesus brought the sunshine. And thats when Twinkie had all of us come to the front of the stage. And just to seem them up close..wow..it was so awesome! They kept mouthing that they loved us, and thank you. They were some humbled and nice. At the concert, I was able to sit next to a lady that my mom called a "worse" fan than me. So me and her bonded alot at the concert. All my friends and family think I am crazy, but I am like please believe there are people WAY worse than me. And I am glad my mom got to see that. LOL. But I must say, the Clarks got the best fans in the world! I am still on cloud nine, and don't even know when I am going to come off. Like I just feel so blessed to be able to go. I truly got to witness history in the making. Like I almost wanted to cry. But I was like ohgosh Jamia get it together. I was talked to Ivan during the intermission, and he was like I could die right now and be happy. And thats exactly how I felt, like one of my biggest dreams came true that night. People really don't know how much these wonderful women of God mean to me. I am glad God chose them to spread his word through song. As they are truly touching millions of lives. Minstering and bring people to Christ. I can't wait until the CD comes out. I am going to buy copies for all my friends and family. LOL. One of my life goals was to see the clark sisters in concert, and I can now cross that off my list. I can say that my parents are truly the best in the world, cause it was them giving me a graduation gift that I was able to go. And having my mom there with me to share in the experience, has brought us closer. This truly will be a summer I will never forget! THANK YOU LORD!!
*pics to hopefully come soon. My camera is not the best.
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ITS OFFICIAL NOW! [Jun. 7th, 2006|11:08 pm]
Plane tickts bought, Hotel room booked, and rental car reserved! I AM GOING TO HOUSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND BE FRONT ROW CENTER FOR THE CLARK SISTER REUNION, LIVE RECORDING CONCERT!! Its there last time recording, and the first time coming together in about 15 years. I am so excited, I can't stop thanking Jesus, for my wonderful parents. They suprized me with this trip as a graduation gift. Shoot I am more excited about my trip than my college graduation. LOL. Both big events in my life, 2006 will truly be a year I will never forget!. THANK YOU LORD!!
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Boy Oh Boy [Jan. 29th, 2005|10:07 pm]
Man I love these quizes..

What will your last words be?
by cum_on_bitch
Your LJ username
Your real name
Your sex
Your age
Your last words will be..."LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED"
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What Are You Most Likely to Utter During Sex
by UMAJohnnie
Most Likely to Say"Wait, where do you want to put that?"
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That is probably soooo true!

Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times:118
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Your Sexual Profile (you sexual deviant you...)
by sparkledee
Your Secret Kink ThingHotwax in uncomfortableplaces
Your Sexual StrengthYour amazing tongue!!
Your Sexual WeaknessYou're stiff & mechanical.
Your Likely STDYou're clean! Hurray for you!
How Many Partners in Crime?14
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Oh yes! I am STD Free! Alright now!

Your Love Situation
by Amberishjewel
Your Love Is...Gentle
During Lovemaking You Act...Like a volcano, hot & steamy
Your Partner Is...Your best friend
Your Partner Has Said That You...Are their best friend
Your Love is Summed Up In A Quote."Love is bittersweet"
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Oh wow, that would be cool if this was true. I LOVE my best friend!

Okay thats enough huh?
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Oh my [Jan. 26th, 2005|11:57 pm]
So I saw this quiz on Jakes page and did it, these are the results:
What Makes You Sexy?
by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsYour Nose
Special Talents AreBlow Jobs
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I can't belive it..I wonder if it is true...lol
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Hey now! [Jan. 26th, 2005|01:35 am]
[Current Mood |giddygiddy]
[Current Music |Can't Get Enough-The Clark Sisters]

Wow, Madea Goes to Jail, was one of the best plays I have ever seen! It was such a good play! Ohmygosh the songs, the actors, the plot, was off the hook! We had good seats too. We had to ride up there with Auntie Joyce cause Pastor made Auntie Tanya go to the Supt. Banquet. Me, JR, and Mom, was like man that is going to be akward cause of the "gossip" stuff that went down like a month ago. It was okay for the most part, until Fred pissed me off. We went to Appelbees and at the table, Fred brought me and Ivan, and my mouth, I could of SLAPPED THE BLACK OFF HIM! Knowing doggone well, what went down with all of us last month, he going to bring that month. We quickly changed the subject. After the play got out, some of the cast members were in the foyer, and I got to meet two of the FINEST DUDES IN THE WORLD! I was so nervous to meet them, but Auntie Tanya's niece grabbed my arm, and dragged me, and I met him, and asked to take pic with him, and he was like sure. Oh I was so nervous! He was too fine. Auntie Joyce loved him too, she was like I am hot, and had to take off her coat, and was acting all shy and stuff. JR does a perfect impresion of what she did when she was around him. Oh it is too funny! But yeah, it was a great play can't wait to buy it on DVD when it comes out. Dionne comes home this weekend, for a visit, hopefully she can stay for the Kim Burrel concert on Monday. It depends if her ride stays as well. I don't want to go by myself. So it should be fun. I can't wait. Oh yes!
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TOO HAPPY! [Jan. 22nd, 2005|01:43 am]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
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Man today was a GREAT DAY! I finally ordered all the Clark Sisters out of print and hard to find CD's from that dealer and they came today! I been waiting for them for about 2 weeks. So of course I am been blasting them all day. I got about 12 cd's! For 100 bucks, and they are worth every penny. I mean these are cd's that were made from the orginal vinal albums, and will never be out again. So my collection is basiclly complete, except I don't have the albums in which they were guest soloists, and sang like one song, not sure if I will try to buy those, I mean buy the whole cd for one song, I hate doing that. But we shall see. I copied two of Ivan, he just had to have Sincerly. So I said I would, and dropped it by tonight.
Me and Steph hung out this evening, and tonight was not our night to view movies, we were all set to see In Good Company with Dennis Quaid, get to the theater and that showing is all sold out, so we decided to rent a movie. I saw that teen-bopper movie sleepover, and I was like oh girl we gotta rent that. But we were two embarrsed too. I mean I am 21, but I finally broke down and rented it, and Steph was like watch the cashier say all loud "Sleepover is due back in 7 days" and sho nuff she said it all loud, letting everyone know, that I, Jamia McRae rented sleepover. So we get back to Steph's house, and we open the box the WRONG movie was in there. I couldn't believe it. So we decided to watch Spiderman 2,cause she got it for Christmas, and I haven't got a chance to see it.
TOMARROW, we go to see the play MADEA GOES TO JAIL! Tyler Perry's plays are so funny! I am so exicted! I haven't decided what to wear yet tho. Fancy, causal, ah well I will decide later. Well its time to go to bed, its 2 in the morning!
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Hey Now! [Jan. 4th, 2005|11:26 pm]
Well I am back at Evergreen! I was up here for 2 and a half days without my buddy Maria, it was soooooo weird. I was used to yelling across to hall to her, but atlas she was not there. Work as been so hard, unpacking boxes, and today moving funture. Okay gotta go, I gotta beat Maria on her new Packman game.
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