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April 27th, 2009-A night I will never forget-HOLY GHOST POWER - Mia's Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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April 27th, 2009-A night I will never forget-HOLY GHOST POWER [Apr. 27th, 2009|11:06 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]

I'm still in awe and I am not even sure how I can even right this. But I gotta tho, to keep record of what the WONDERFUL Lord has done in my life. So tonight was District meeting, and Pastor preached on the oh so good Job. and how we should never give up on God, and even when the devil torments our mind, we gotta trust in God. So he called an altar call, and he called for the people who wanted to get prayer, if the devil has been tormenting your mind, come up to get prayer if you need something from the Lord. At first I wasn't going to go up there, and I was going back and forth. But I am sick of the devil messing with my mind, telling me I'm never going to be something, shaking my confindance of being used by the Lord. So I go up there, just expecting to get a touch and be on my way. But oh no..Missy Jones comes up to me, and prays for me, and thus wear me out! She started to speak to my spirit, everything that I have been wrestling with. She told me she is SICK of me fighting the same ole thing. Its time to seperate myself, get to people thats going to speak life to me, I got to go higher, I have a work to do, and God is ready for me to step in that role. She then proceded to tell me, that I need to comune with God, and like fire the Holy Ghost came. And I just was overwhelmed with his presence. I was telling I am sorry, fill me LORD, yes to his will. So just when I thought the Lord was done, I got up, then Missy. Picola Davis, came and gave me a hug, and spoke to the low self esteem in my life. And at times, I like to think, that I don't grapple with that, like I think I am secure with myself, but then comes that little voice, that I just have to put myself down, and just makes me depressed. But I just got to remember that I am fearfully and Wonderfully made, and God did not make any mistake when he made me. She made me cry all over again. LOL. So them Missy. Jones comes over again, and she is just like I am sorry Jamia, but you gotta understand, you gotta get it, God has great plans for you, you gotta step out, gotta get away from people, and stop worrying about what people say, and if I gotta be alone, thats okay. I gotta get to the place where it doesn't matter, do I want to please God or people. She kept quoting the State Woman's theme(more on that later) that I have the Resurrection Power. The Power to pray, the Power to lay hands. She was like I wanna see you, all ya'll go forth. She was like aren't ya'll sick of seeing us. She was like I want you to move out from the corner, sit under the missionaries, learn and gleam from them, I need some one to be accountable to. She then marched me over to Missy. Brown, and she was asked her can I sit with the missionaries, come out that corner. And Missy. Brown was like yeahh..I know it time. So I am just I can't no longer run, I just can't. I got some many desires, to be a mighty woman of God. So if it takes me being alone, just me and him, steppin out to be who he called me to be. I gotta do it. Missy. Jones said she is praying for me, and to pray for her as well. I think it just so good to have someone in my corner. Now, I am just like what exactly do I have to do, like do I have to do an automatic cut, Missy. Jones was like people may said I am too good for them. But to just brush it off, and know its not that but God calling me to a higher level. Like the desire in me is so great to do God's will. But am I following that desire? Why am I letting people and the devil stop me? So today is a brand new day. Time to cut the foolishness. Its time to go higher. Take heed to the word of the Lord. Oh Lord I love you so much! Okay much more to type about the State Woman's convention..I will tomorrow!

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